AllSport Dynamics OH2 Speed Wrist Brace

00191 AllSport Dynamics OH2 Speed Wrist Brace
Price: 375.95 USD

Worn by professional motocross riders Justin Barcia, Nick Paluzzi, Jimmy Filzpatrick, and Mat Rebeaud, the Allsport OH2 has some of the same great features and the OTS and IMC models with a redesigned variable extension control.

  • Patented bi-axial articulating hinge system
  • Redesigned variable extension control
  • Hand made, high-strength carbon fiber and Kevlar construction
  • Easy-pull strapping system
  • Open palm design for good grip
  • Cool, comfortable fit and easy to wear
  • Hi-grade open cell foam liner
  • Application:  Wrist - Acute, Rehab, Long-Term, Prevention